Monday, July 18, 2016

How light; futile to try

how light
can resculpt a face
if for one day
I could be everyone
I've been loath to like
Ribbons (runner-up, Tanka Café, "Changing the World"), Fall 2015

Thanks to poet James Chessing for his insightful comments in the Tanka Café feature of the Winter 2016 issue of Ribbons, the Tanka Society of America journal. The above poem is mine. But congratulations to Joyce S. Greene for her winning Café poem, included below with her permission. FYI, for each issue of Ribbons, members are invited to submit tanka on a specific new theme. The winner from the previous issue makes the selections.

futile to try
to change the world
I can't change myself
all my vows to worry less
and chuckle more, forgotten

~Joyce S. Greene
Ribbons (winner, Tanka Café, "Changing the World"), Fall 2015


  1. How well these two of together! How to change oneself . . .and I see that the theme for the next Tanka Cafe is 'self-discovery.' Maybe we'll discover how!

  2. Thanks, Jenny. And thanks for letting me know about the new theme - had been wondering! Guess that means you've rec'd your copy of Ribbons.

  3. Very nice paring. I thought that the use of light, in your piece, acts to set off a metaphoric cascade of thought. Interesting!

  4. Both of these are so good. I see myself in both. Superb!