Thursday, February 23, 2017


four letters that ID me ...
Myers and Briggs,
bet you didn't know
I'd paste them on my forehead

Ribbons, Tanka Cafe (theme: "Self-identity"), fall 2016

I'm kind of borderline in the last two test categories (not the first).


  1. Personality tests are a new field to me - fascinating. I do think that anything that prompts individuals to have self-knowledge and "own" their nature is a very good thing ... many don't ... and INFJ's sound lovely - and rare. The close brought a smile.

  2. I'm INFJ, too. And it's true, Meyers and Briggs can't know everything ;-)

  3. Hi, Wendy and Jennifer. An uncle of mine was big into the Myers-Briggs. He'd give it to all his mechanical engineering students to help them get to know themselves -- their preferences, which is what the M-B is supposed to show us. Back then, when I was in my 20s, he gave me the complete test, which showed I was an INTJ. Since then, though, the multiple times I've taken snippets of the test, I've always scored as an INFJ, though the F (for "feeling") and T (for "thinking") are pretty close.

    Jennifer, glad to know you're a "weirdo" like me! We're supposed to be the rarest of all the types - representing 1% of humans.