Friday, February 17, 2017

Papers, cards, letters

papers, cards, letters 
crammed in every cranny 
of their house … 
I unearth a clipping, 
How to bust a litterer

Frameless Sky, issue 5, fall 2016

I took possession of that clipping. And if my desk weren't so cluttered, I might be able to find it.


  1. lol . . . I’ve been there, often . . . so true. I heard somewhere that a perfectly kept home is a sign of a misspent life . . . that’s the axiom I tend to stick with, at any rate. Smiles. And thank you for introducing me to the term kyoka. Good to know.

  2. Wendy and Jennifer - This tiny clipping my mother saved really gave me a giggle.

    I'm glad to hear I haven't lived a misspent life!