Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Transcendent in Spring

Today I will lay this body of bones aside—
sweep it onto the doorstep.
And this shroud of skin encasing it,
scarred and spotted and shabby with age,
I will hang to air out emptily
beneath the tepid April sky.

The blood that defines me, rich and ruby,
I will store inside jars until I return.
Human thoughts I will surrender to flame;
and the bodily pain that confines me,
strikes as darts and ghostly groans,
I will leave like litter on the ground.

Today I will be no more than the aura
around me, contracting, expanding,
soaring above all earthly sensation.
Tomorrow I will mingle again
with moths on this shadowy sphere.
But today I will regrow my eyes—
......................clear, lazuline.

Megaera, Vol. 8, Issue no. 25, Spring 2006


  1. "Today I will be no more than the aura
    around me". Heaven. I've only come close a very few times. And even close, is heaven. The title of the piece is perfect.

  2. Oh to lay this body of bones aside! I agree with Wendy, the title is perfect for all you have laid out in this great piece of work.

  3. Stunning and truly transcendent. A wonderful & very moving poem.

  4. thanks for the lovely comments, wendy, jennifer, jenny!

    maybe one of these days I'll finally get back to longer free verse (as opposed to only tanka).

    p.s. feels to me like it may be time for some more spring cleaning! :)

  5. would that I could free my aging and aching self and just be transcended in springtime. A lovely poem.


  6. thanks, adelaide!
    you free yourself through poetry, right?