Sunday, March 30, 2014

Love Soup

Love Soup:
the recipe book
I give her,
a former stranger
who warmed my path

—LYNX, 29:1, February 2014


  1. When a stranger warms our path that is definitely love. Nicely done Janet...made me feel warm too!

  2. Wonderful title, and a wonderful way to commemorate a kindness! I like how the warmth in Line 5 refers back to the soup in Line 1.

  3. I loved the way you pinned “soup” – a timeless and definitive image of warmth for the body and soul - to warming a path. An inspired piece of wordsmithing, Janet.

  4. thanks, jenny and wendy! my "muse" did that, not me. ;)

    I bought myself a copy of that recipe book too - looks v. good, though I hate to admit I've still not used it!!!