Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bold new signs

bold new signs
at the nursing home
about guns—
I look for glimmers of life
behind the glass doors

Ripples in the Sand, 2016 Tanka Society of America Members' Anthology


  1. Yes, though-provoking. I also like the alliteration in this one.

  2. A very powerful juxtaposition of images - guns and a nursing home - the incongruity: startles. And yet, these are strange times and, it seems to me, we are becoming somewhat accustomed to being startled by the messages we come in contact with.

  3. Guns and a nursing home? Hard to imagine that anyone would come with a gun, but stranger things have happened. Once at a friend's dinner party, one of the guests showed all of us the loaded gun he always carried tucked inside his cowboy boot. It made me uncomfortable and was only to happy to leave early.


    1. Thanks for the comments, everyone. Yes, to suddenly see those signs on the sliding glass doors, "windows to the world" both outside and inside, was a little startling. No doubt they are there due to state laws, to remind people that carrying or keeping guns inside such places represents a violation of those laws. However, if a crazy storms in with his weapons, he's not going to care about the reminders.